At the moment, we are only open on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (soon to be Mondays too).

We have adapted our opening hours from 10am until 3.30pm to enable us to sanitise the facility, ready for the next user group. 

We offer a quality service at very competitive rates (working for passion, not profit).

Full Day sessions at £38 per day.
Half Day sessions: these can either be AM (10am until 1pm - £27) or PM (1.00pm until 3.30pm - £24).

There are also no hidden charges for biscuits, refreshments, flower arranging, arts or any other activities.

Day care can be financed by Attendance Allowance, Direct Payments, Personal Budgets, Carers Centre Vouchers or Private Funding.



We at Later Life Living are very concienscious and supportive to our carers, who say that they have gained great benefit and support from meeting other carers at the Day Club when bringing and collecting their cared for. They realise that they, as carers, are not isolating themselves or alone with the problems that caring for a person with Dementia/Parkinson's Disease and other debilitating illnesses can bring. They are able to see first-hand that their relative is happy to interact with staff, which gives them a comfortable and secure feeling. Staff are also able to signpost relatives to other agencies if/when necessary.
Plenty of on-site parking available.
We are also able to provide local transport to clients whose family do not have any (prices negotiable and dependent on location).

We opened our doors on the 5th September 2011 and we continue to excel in the service we offer to our clients.
To see what we can offer for your 'loved one' or 'cared for' please call in during our opening hours (no appointment necessary).