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Testimonials from Carers and Cared For 


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 Helen, Dorothy and Lucy - December 2021 


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 Tracey and Chris - July 2021


Gillian and Mark - January 2020


My mum Sylvia attended later life living for 6 years. It was the highlight of her day the purpose of her getting up and dressed every day. The stimulation and entertainment she received was second to none. It started with a chance leaflet that my mother in law got.....and the rest is history. She also loved the Dementia cafe run by Kyra & Dawn. Syl is a sucker for live music and a dance and... you can guarantee you get that at Larkhill. Unfortunately Sylvia is now at the level of care where she requires a care home, and although she doesn’t know who I am anymore, she never fails to talk about “her day centre” and the “lovely Kyra”. Thank you for all the years Sylvia spent with you and your continued advice during the difficult last 6 months.

Stacey Nealon - April 2019


Later life living has been an invaluable part of our families lives since it opened. They have been professional in the care, encouragement and understanding of how to look after my nana, they understand her illness (Alzheimer's) and her needs, she is looked after, cared for and entertained absolutely brilliantly. They have also been there to support my mum throughout this difficult period in our families lives, i don't know what we would have done without you.......Thank you so much for all that you do, for being there and to each and every member of your team, you are all amazing.

Tracy Hynes - February 2019


Can’t thank Kyra and her staff enough! Since my father in law has been attending, he is like a new man doing activities he hasn’t done for years. It is the highlight of his week. Can’t recommend later living day club enough. 

Cheryl Walsh - February 2019


I can unreservedly recommend Later Life Living. There are no negatives only massive positives to attending this lovely little club. My mum, who is 90 and lives with dementia, first came here 5 years ago and loved it from the first day. She was warmly welcomed and looked after with great care, dignity and respect. She was immersed in fun and inclusive activities from 10 am to 4pm giving me time to catch up with my own life.  The staff here are so caring and knowledgeable, they really understand how to support people with dementia. They also supported me as mum's carer and gave me helpful advice and kind words when I needed them. I will be forever grateful to this gem of a place as they enabled me to keep mum at home with me for as long as I did. This is a professional and nurturing environment and I couldn't have coped without it.

Joanne Higson - March 2018


Card 2 copy

The card reads:

Thank you to Dawn and Kyra and everyone at Later Life for making a difficult time in mine and Les's life such a happy one. 
Thank you for the help you all gave to Les, it seemed such a way of life every Tuesday and Wednesday, it is very strange now. 
I am so pleased we found Later Life, I don't know what we would have done without you. 
You do wonderful work and if I can do anything to help, I will do. Les is still in hospital, I don't know yet where he will go next.
I will miss you but thank you again. Love Barbara.
Barbara - June 2016



Later Life Living provides companionship and caring attention for my Husband. He loves playing snooker and other games, and has become a dab-hand at baking, and usually comes out each day singing. These are all new activities to him which have been encouraged by the kind and caring staff.  

L.G. - April 2016


Trafford Council strongly encouraged me to visit another day centre which was further away, so I did. It was awful; there were too many people, it was very noisy, and my mum was frightened. So I decided to visit Later Life Living and I was greeted with such a welcome - the place was so warm and friendly, and had an atmosphere of calm (which my mum needs). The staff are lovely. My mum has been going to Later Life Living for about 6 months now and she really enjoys the company. She brings home lovely cakes and works of art, she has her nails manicured by Kyra (who is also a qualified nail technician) and now has a social life. I, as her main carer, have rejoined a couple of local classes which gives me a bit of a social life too, I've started meeting up with my friends again, and I've noticed that mum and I are both a lot more more patient with eachother. I would recommend Later Life Living to anyone, you can't go wrong! Thank you Kyra, Dawn and your lovely staff. Best wishes to you all.

S.B. (Altrincham) - April 2016


My mum has Alzheimer's and has been attending Later Life Living for a number of years now. She attends the afternoon sessions 5 days per week and spends the weekend wishing it was Monday again !! Later Life Living gives her a purpose to get up, get washed and dressed everyday. She has a big soft spot for Kyra but enjoys the compnay of all the staff. She really enjoys the activities, singing, quizzes, and games, but most of all it's the company and social interaction that makes her smile when she realises it's time to go. It gives us, her full time carers, a break in which we can revert to full speed and get our jobs done in those precious few hours. It's a safe, friendly and warm atmosphere and I'm grateful every day that my mum's safe and cared for.
Stacey Nealon - April 2016 


Later Life Living - my lifeline!

As a carer to my 88 year old mum who lives with me I highly recommend Later Life Living. The benefits to my mum, who has dementia, are plain to see. She happily goes to her "club" where she is welcomed and treated with such warmth and respect by all the staff. She really likes all the people who attend with her and looks forward to seeing everyone. The atmosphere is so lovely and it really lifts mum's spirits. The activities are well thought out, productive and enjoyable to her. She often, with great pride, brings home beautiful art pieces and lovely baking. This all makes her feel useful and industrious once again.

The benefits to me and my family are immeasurable. We have some breathing space, safe in the knowledge that our lovely mum is happy and cared for in a bright, clean, friendly and very professional environment. We can get on with work and the things that we need to do. Much as we all love her it is great to have a break and recharge our batteries.

Later Life Living - love it!!
Jo Higson - April 2016


My wife has been attending once a week for the past two years and her disposition and awareness has improved considerably. 
Dawn, Kyra and all of the staff are so dedicated, kind and thoughtful. Their professionism, knowledge and experience has enabled them to create a real "family atmosphere" and they spend their time getting to know everybody's needs as individuals.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Later Life Living to any carer and/or their family.
A.N. (Sale) - April 2016

1) A really lovely atmosphere - everyone is greeted by name and made to feel very welcome. Mum is very happy here. 2) All of the carers are attentive, extremely pleasant and have patience and understanding. 3) There is always lots to do and the activities are appropriate to age and mental capacity. 4) Excellent facility, well worth the reasonable cost. 5) When mum is here, we, as relatives feel very confident that she is safe, occupied and well cared for. Thank-you. 

Jean Hall - April 2016


Sue is very happy here with lots of things to do with very helpful staff. Can't wait for summer to do gardening and bowls. Dave is grateful for our change of life and to be able to do things for himself, knowing that Sue is safe and that her mind is busy. Thanks for all you do.

Sue and Dave Howarth - April 2016


My mother, who is 91 years old, has been attending Later Life Living for the past 4 1/2 years. I can't praise Dawn, Kyra and the staff highly enough for the hard work, care and support they have shown my mother and myself since the time she has been attending. This is truly a remarkable place to be part of. 

Monica (Sale) - April 2016


I cannot say enough about how great Dawn, Kyra and the whole team at Later Life Living have been. Mum really enjoys her visits and the atmosphere is relaxed friendly and fun. It's made a real difference to her quality of life. Thank you all!

Conor Shanley - April 2016


I work here (volunteer) and it's amazing, all staff and service users so friendly!

Bethany Atkinson - May 2015


I would like to compliment Later Life Living Day Club on the wonderful service they provide. 
I am the main carer for my mother who has a Dementia. Mum has been attending Later Life (Living Day Club) for some years now and I have watched her benefit in various ways. She has become more vocal, active, attentive, sociable, her mood has improved, and she feels that she has become a member of a new social network, which in turn has given her a purpose to get up each morning. Not only has mum benefitted but we as a family feel that, when mum is happy, we are happy. Mum is safe and secure in a very calm, fun and welcoming environment and the staff are so supportive - not only to my mum but to myself. They are very knowledgeable and observant to mum's little ways, and attentive to my own needs, and have made various suggestions signposting me to other agencies.
Later Life Living is a hidden gem located within Norbrook Youth Club on the border of Sale Moor and Northern Moor, so I found accessibility easy, and was both surprised and pleased at the various activities they have on offer. I think anyone looking for an Adult Day Care setting would be absolutely delighted. I could not praise the staff enough.
Our client's daughter Monica sent this testimonial to the Sale and Altrincham Messenger (thank you Monica!)...


Kathleen loved going to the Day Club and you made the last few weeks of her life most enjoyable, I will treasure the album she made with the two photographs in them as they were the last photographs of her. 

Frank Bell & Family (Timperley)


I would like to say THANK YOU very very much for all your care and kindness looking after my Mum over the last two and a half years at what has been an extremely difficult time for both my Mum and myself, I know that my Mum has enjoyed many happy days with you all.
Once again, Thank You to all of you for your excellent work and support.

Janice (Altrincham)


Later Life Living was great for my Mum, it stimulated her, she had lots going on and people around her who cared.
The last few years of my Mums life were made very special because of Later Life Living.

Carol (Altrincham)


Since my Mother has attended Later Life Living Day Care I have seen such an improvement in her behavior and personality. Before she went to this lovely place she was quiet and withdrawn, now she looks forward to going and enjoys all the facilities that they provide, talking to other people, joining in singing, drawing, flower arranging and many more activities. It really has brought out the best in my Mother.
She looks forward to going to the centre every day. As well as giving me a welcome break it gives her the incentive to get up and go, to see friends and collegues that she has met there. I would certainly recommend this centre to anybody that has the problems that I have with my Mother, it's a wonderful place to be part of.

M Moore (Cheshire)


Later Life Living Day Care offers a safe, stimulating and supportive environment; the skills and care of the staff and the wide array of facilities on offer ensure a quality experience for service users.

The one to one approach by staff has encouraged my relative to engage with other service users and with activities which is something he would normally avoid particularly as his speech is impaired, however this personal approach has enhanced his self confidence and he has even attempted to read out loud and play games.

Later Life Living has also given me (as a full time carer) a much needed break and some relaxing time to myself, knowing that my relation is enjoying his day too!

M.C. (Ashton-on-Mersey, Cheshire)


I have been attending the Later Life Living Day Centre and find it fantastic; my Wife is also very pleased with my progress due to supported exercise and other activities. I feel my life has improved 100%.

P.R. (Sale, Cheshire)


I have noticed that my Dad has become more alert since attending Later Life Living.

D.T. (Hale, Cheshire)


I would like to acknowledge the friendliness and level of care given to my Mother-in-Law by “Later Life Living”.

As an Alzheimers sufferer she needs increasing attention and reassurance. She now finds common, everyday tasks difficult to manage.
The support she requires at home can be overpowering and impacts heavily on the whole of our family.

Using “Later Life Living” gives us very necessary breaks, allowing us down-time to spend with each other, relax, shop, tidy up and socialise without worrying that we are ignoring our Mother-in-Laws care.

She is happy at the centre and enjoys the tasks organised by a team of welcoming care staff who always treat her as an individual and deal knowledgeably with her particular needs.

Most mornings, as we set off from home, she struggles to recall where she is going. This makes for a tense journey because she worries that she won’t know anybody, but as soon as we arrive she settles and joins in fully. She has a good friend who is always pleased to see her and the second breakfast is a bonus. She is welcomed by everyone.

When I collect her, she usually states that she has had a good time and I know this is true because I have to break her away from singing, crafts or dominoes.
She achieves so much at the centre that she has been known to refer to is as her work or school. It gives meaning to her day but as importnatly allows us a chance to recharge so that we can greet her again with renewed energy.

I would like to thank you all for your special involvement and to make you aware of how important your work is.
I can fully recommend “Later Life Living” as a trusted partner in the care of my Mother-in-Law.

R.B. (Chorlton)


Later Life Living is the highlight of my week, something to look forward to, everyone is so friendly. I couldn't say a bad word about it if you paid me! I enjoy coming to Later Life Living because I like the happy atmosphere, it has given me a social life, I enjoy the activities, the staff are extremely nice, happy and helpful, approachable and patient.

E.C. (Flixton)


I recommend Later Life Living because it is a most welcoming, friendly and relaxing atmosphere. If you want your loved or cared for relative or friend looked after, this would definitely be the place to come.
There are many choices of activities carefully and sensitively monitored by the two lovely ladies, Dawn & Kyra, who run the venue.
My Husband is so happy in the morning when we arrive there, his face is a joy to see and I am happy too knowing he is safe and happy.

A.B. (Altrincham)


My Mum suffers from Alzheimers and she recently lost her husband, my Dad. We the family have found it very hard to deal both situations. Sending my Mum to the "Club" as we all call it has improved all our lives immensley. Mum really enjoys going to the "Club" as everyday they do different things and we have seen a definite change in my Mum for the better. It also allows my Husband and I to spend some quality time together as we are her full time carers. The "Club" has been a lifesaver for both of us.

M.M. (Sale)


In my opinion, Later Life Living has done wonders for my Husband Jack who suffers from Alzheimers, Lewey Bodies and Parkinson Syndrome. It helps him to mix with people and gives him a better outlook on life. Dawn & Kyra are brilliant, so caring, they give so much to helping people like Jack, to keep the brain stimulated as much as they can, I can't think highly enough of them.

Angela Fennel


Testimonials from Students

Later Life Living also supports its local colleges and universities to include social care students and occupational therapists.

Several Students from Salford University have joined us for six week placements. This is what they had to say about their time spent with us...


Later Life Living Role Emerging Placement by Angela O’Connor.

I have had the privilege of working here as an OT student for 6 weeks on a role emerging placement and have had an amazing experience. All of the staff and clients that attend the day centre were extremely welcoming and made me feel like I had always been part of the team here. All the clients were eager to tell me how much they enjoyed coming here and I was able to observe this on a daily basis. The day centre environment is very laid back and feels like a social gathering of friends and acquaintances rather than a day centre. However this is because of the continuous activities and tailored support offered to each and every person that comes here. Both Kyra and Dawn are clearly passionate about what they do and work tirelessly to ensure that both the clients and their families and carers are supported in every way they can. I will continue to promote and support them in any way I can.

Later Life Living Role Emerging Placement by Antonia Richards.

During my six weeks at ‘Later Life Living’ I have seen just how valuable the service is to not only the clients but also their carers. The service provides numerous activities that aim to improve the client’s engagement, increase social interaction and stimulate cognitive functions and as an occupational therapy student, my aim was to identify which of these activities the clients found meaningful and purposeful and then adapt these activities to suit each client’s capabilities. The atmosphere is both warm and welcoming and Dawn, Kyra and all of the staff were very approachable and made me feel at ease from day one. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with all of the clients and the opportunity to encounter occupational therapy in a non-traditional setting has really helped my learning and will stay with me throughout my future career. A special thank you to Kyra for being such a supportive and understanding supervisor; her passion for the day centre is clear to see and what she and the staff provide clearly makes a huge difference in the lives of the clients and their carers.

Later Life Living Role Emerging Placement by Smithamol Boby.

I have done my role emerging placement at Later Life Living and it was for six weeks. I have really enjoyed my time with Later Life Living as I found that all of the staff were really supportive and very approachable. My time with Later Life Living, I have managed to improve my knowledge in Dementia and also enhanced my various skills such as communication skills, leadership skills etc. From my personal experience, I know the staffs always encouraging the service-user's choice, provides a very client-centred care and promotes their independence. Although it was challenging for me in the beginning because of lack of experience at mental health settings, I have managed to settle with the support of the staff. Thank you very much for everything.

Later Life Living Role Emerging Placement by Lindsey Entwistle.

I have spent six weeks at Later Life Living and have had a fantastic experience. The staff and service users at the day centre are all very welcoming and the laid back environment enabled me to settle in very quickly. Kyra and Dawn are both very passionate about running the day centre and it really does make such a huge difference to the clients lives. It's so lovely to see individual needs being supported in both group and one to one activity sessions. The six weeks for me has flown and I am going to miss all aspects of this placement, from the wonderful support I have received from Kyra and the staff and also spending time with the service users on a daily basis. I would like to extend my thanks to Kyra who does such an amazing job at the centre, she has supported and guided me throughout my journey on my placement and this will be an experience that I will never forget.

Later Life Living Role Emerging Placement by Melanie Baldwin.

I have spent six weeks at Later Life Living and have really enjoyed my time here. As soon as I arrived everyone was so welcoming, I soon saw the fantastic relationships between Kyra and Dawn, the clients and their carer’s; it really seemed like one big family. I have learnt so much throughout this placement, not just how the symptoms of dementia can impact someone’s life but the importance of providing choice to someone when running activities. It was clear to see how choice and adapting activities to suit individual needs increased engagement which in turn increased a person’s sense of well-being. I really appreciate the time and support Kyra and Dawn have given me during my placement, they have made it a wonderful learning experience which I will take with me as I start my occupational therapy career.


Later Life Living Role Emerging Placement by Daniella Neumann.

After six weeks of placement in Later Life Living, I have witnessed what an amazing place this is. As an occupational therapy student, I was promoting independence by introducing falls prevention exercises as well as completing a falls prevention booklet for use at home. Additionally I provided meaningful activities including baking, memory games and discussions on recent news in order to enable social interaction and cognitive stimulation. I observed the caring nature of the staff and volunteers at Later Life Living. The relaxed and welcoming atmosphere provided a warm environment for both service users and staff members. Even more so, I found the staff to be particularly helpful, with their personal approach being appreciated by all service users. Whenever needed, the staff (Kyra and Dawn) gladly assisted me throughout. A plethora of activities were offered throughout the day, including; singing, crafts, puzzles, dominos and word/number games. I had the pleasure of seeing the smiles on service users faces all day as they socialised happily. I’ve had the privilege of watching how beneficial this day centre is, especially for people who are lonely, depressed or have been diagnosed dementia. I enjoyed and learnt much from my time there.

Daniella also had the following words to say about Kyra (who acted as her on site supervisor)...

Kyra’s work is not only a job but her passion and her mission in life. Her compassionate and caring nature is infectious and has taught me much, despite the relatively short time I spent at the centre. She always has time for you and spent many an hour accompanying me in various activities and explaining the needs of every service user with whom I was involved. She is friendly and relaxed and an inspiration to all those with whom she is involved, be it service user or carer. I would do well to follow her example.


Janine Appleby, Clinical Specialist Occupational Therapist has the following to say about Later Life Living...

At later life living you are greeted warmly like an old friend and made to feel part of the group. The staff focus on each individuals own personal needs and choices. As a supervising Occupational Therapist to an Occupational Therapy student doing her fieldwork placement, I found this to be a safe and supportive learning environment that benefited the clients, student and staff.